Israel ScaVentures: to Educate. to Engage. to Inspire.

With maps, mission packs and source sheets in hand; come navigate your way through streets, alleys and markets, engaging with the story of Israel and its people. Israel ScaVentures are great for family groups, Bar/bat Mitzvah programs, community/synagogue missions, school and college students and corporate groups.

Israel ScaVentures

Gush Etzion Scavenger Hunt

City & Shuk Dash


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Fun Day Scavenger Hunt

"All I heard were rave reports of great organization, fascinating material and amazing staff!  A fabulous time was had by all." Susan, Jeremy's Circle

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Scavenger Hunt

"Three generations participated and everyone had a fantastic time. Our kids were so involved that they did not want their ice cream break until after the activity was finished."  Shani

Gush Etzion Jeep Scavenger Hunt

We LOVE your trips for so cleverly combining education, inspiration, and fun to each site that we have had the pleasure to visit with you or your guides. Looking forward to what you have in store next Succot Frieda

Bloggers Scavenger Hunt

"The programs are designed to encourage 'hunters' to engage with their environment in a meaningful way.  This is not only a scavenger hunt through Jerusalem but one into your own heart."  Myriam, Jerusalem Insider's Guide

Gush Etzion Car Scavenger Hunt

eliana ariel
"Thank you - we had a great time! I recommended your scavenger hunt to almost everyone I know and I can’t wait to do another one!"  Shushy

Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt

"We felt transplanted to 100 years ago. Really very well done. We look forward to the old city scavenger hunt next!"  Sarah